Transition Consulting and Coaching
Let me help you see the possibilities...

Career Coaching, Small Business and Nonprofit Development Services

Let me help you see the possibilities

Are you in a time of transition with your


 Small business



and trying to determine the best next step?
Do you feel like your work doesn't reflect who you really are?

Let me help you see the possibilities
and clarify the most beneficial next step!

From the corner office to the corner store, I can help you pursue more meaningful work, bringing greater fulfillment to your life.

Cathy Posner, Career and Transition Consultant

I offer the following services in person in Medina, Cleveland,
and Northeast Ohio, and by phone or Skype nationally:

I use a unique combination of coaching and consulting techniques to help you reach your goals. 
How are they different?

The coaching I provide is as a partner, helping you to set specific goals. 
I am a cheerleader and support system to you on your journey. 

Through consulting, I make detailed, practical suggestions
for an action plan to help you realize those goals.

Both focus on your current situation and plans for the future. 
And with both, we work together to make the best choices for your success and happiness.

Contact me to assess your needs and the most beneficial services for you.
I offer a free 30 minute introductory appointment to help determine your needs.


For Intuitive Life Coaching, Personal Wellness Coaching, and for more information on holistic health services,
please visit my colleagues at Crossroads Coaching and Sanctuary at the Crossroads:

Transition Consulting and Coaching is based in Medina, Ohio

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